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Preparing for Social Distancing in Hospitality Venues

If you're in the hospitality game and your café, restaurant, bar, club, hotel, etc. is surviving, you're doing an amazing job. Especially if you are in the Australian Coronavirus epicenter, Melbourne. At least now there's now a flickering light at the end the of the tunnel with the Melbourne roadmap stating that hospitality venues could reopen for outdoor dining on October 26.

Thankfully, there are grants available to help you afford the transition. Up to $30,000 is available via Business Victoria with their Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund, $3,000 via Business Victoria with their Sole Trader Support Fund and more on the Victorian State Governments Sole Trader, Hospitality and Melbourne CBD support packages.

Risby Cove Tasmania Mensa Heating Vireoo

Further up North, the NSW State Government is set to launch its COVID recovery plan by transforming Sydney into a 24 hour economy, to the benefit of the arts, hospitality, entertainment, retail and event industries.

One of the biggest challenges will be effectively and efficiently providing a comfortable (and warm) environment for you patrons by choosing the most suitable heating. The next challenge is making it economical to do so. Do not fear, Mensa Heating is here!

Mensa Heating products are designed to heat the nearest solid object, your patrons. Just like the soothing warmth you feel from the sun on a colder breezy day, the transfer of warmth from our Mensa Heating table heaters is not affected by wind, unlike gas options. So with the enforcement of social distancing at your venue, you can avoid the cost of having to heat large amounts of air for much fewer patrons. Further to this, you can effectively isolate areas by simply switching off tables that are unattended.

Mensa Heating table heaters have patented "Safe to Touch" grills. This gives us the ability to position the heater so much closer to you, not have to combat against hot air rising, and enable us to have a running cost so low that you could run 25 Mensa Heating tables for the cost of running just 1 patio gas heater.

You can read more about Mensa Heating for Hospitality Heating here and download a Cost Analysis and ROI Table and discover how Mensa Heating pays for itself in under 4 months!

*Images courtesy of Risby Cove, Strahan, Tasmania. Vireoo model shown.

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