Hospitality Heating

Heating for Restaurants, cafés and bars

Offering your customers the opportunity for alfresco dining in the cooler months is an important part of keeping business booming. With Danish brand, Mensa Heating, customers can relax whilst dining outside, while you're safe in the knowledge that customers are cosy and comfortable.

Vireoo table heater at Bluestone Bar & Kitchen restaurant

A unique feature of our outdoor heating products is that they’re safe to touch. Whilst we do not encourage children to touch them (we'd hate for them to get burnt on a competitors heater), Mensa Heating's Imus under table heater, Vireoo low table heater and Statio high table heater do not have an open flame. The lamp is protected by a special grill, so if you were to leave your hand on the grill, the lamp will warm it but the surface temperature of the heater and grill will remain safe to touch. So, you don’t need to worry if you get a group of tipsy customers and someone bumps into the heater. Additionally, parents can be assured that their little ones won’t burn themselves if unsupervised.

Heaters can be placed relatively close to customers. As the product is safe to touch it can be left close by, unlike a lot of outdoor heating on the market, so you don’t need to stress about heaters taking up dining space outside and less energy will be consumed making it cost and energy efficient.

Most commercial outdoor heating products need to be switched on before opening to pre-warm the area. With Mensa Heating products, heaters warm immediately upon pressing the on/off button, meaning customers aren’t outside waiting to get warm and you save on your energy costs.

Mensa Heating products are also the most efficient heating system on the market using state of the art infrared shortwave quartz lamps which converts 92% of electricity into heat. A vast improvement from some older style carbon infrared lamps that can be less that 50% efficient.

Vireoo table heater at Bluestone Bar & Kitchen restaurant

Cheap running and energy savings means you're using a cost effective product that can save you some significant running costs, while offering perfect warmth for your customers. Mensa Heating's 550W Imus and Vireoo, are the markets cheapest patio heaters to run with an approximately running cost of $0.13 per hour. As a comparison you could run approximately 25 Mensa Heaters for the cost of one patio gas heater. The Statio has slightly higher consumption as it is 700W ($0.17 per hour).

You can download a cost comparison of Mensa Heating V's Patio Gas Heaters here; Download Cost Analysis and ROI Table. See for yourself how Mensa Heating can pay for itself in under 4 months!

*Images courtesy of Bluestone Bar & Kitchen, Sebel Hotel, Launceston, Tasmania. Vireoo model shown.