Why Mensa Heating?

11 Reason to choose Mensa Heating for your outdoor heating

  1. Cheap running costs

Mensa Heating's 550W Imus and Vireoo, are the markets cheapest patio heaters to run with an approximately running cost of $0.13 per hour (based on peak domestic rates). As a comparison you could run approximately 25 Mensa Heaters for the cost of 1 patio gas heater. The Statio has slightly higher consumption as it is 700W. 

Who wants to pay more for something when you don’t have to? Mensa outdoor products have cheapest running costs for heating on the market. So not only do you save more on energy costs but you are also saving the environment whilst keeping warm, win win!

An additional feature unlike other conventional gas heaters is the simple on/off switch on the side. You can simply switch off when needed, and if you decide to step inside temporarily, you simply switch off and switch back on when you return. With no pre-warming needed, you won’t need to wait to warm up again. 

So for your outdoor heating at home or your commercial outdoor area that requires heating, Mensa Heating will save you running costs for your heating. 

  1. Energy savings

Mensa Heating uses state of the art infrared Quartz shortwave which converts 92% of the electricity into heat making it the most efficient heating system on the market.

To put that in perspective, our 550W infrared lamps convert 550W of electricity into about 506W of heat.In comparison, some of the older technology Carbon style lamps are worse than 50% efficient. So for example, an overhead heater that uses 2000W of electricity might only produce about 950W of heat. This heat also has to be thrown about 5m to reach you and has to combat against the natural convection of warm air wanting to rise.

We have the ability to conveniently position the heater closer to you, work with natural convection and warm air rising and not have to throw the heat a long way, resulting in significant energy savings. 

  1. Safety

Mensa Heating designed and has a patent pending on our “Safe To Touch” low surface temperature technology. There is no open flame and the lamp is protected with a special grill, that provides this unique feature. Furthermore, Mensa Heating’s products are tested by several of the world’s leading test institutes. Try it yourself!

Our "Safe to Touch" outdoor heaters are a world first and unique to Mensa Heating. The entire surface area of the complete Mensa Heating range; Imus under table heater, Vireoo low table heater and Statio high table heater, have a low surface temperature. Which means anyone, including children, pets, elderly, disabled, or your irresponsible drunk friend can touch any part of the heater and not get burnt.

We don't encourage children to touch them, because we don't want them thinking ALL outdoor heaters are "Safe to Touch", but it's a great safety feature that means they won't burn themselves if they are unsupervised.

The technology is so smart that it doesn't compromise the perfect warmth you feel free from the heater. If you leave your hand on the grill for some time, the lamp will eventually warm it, but the surface temperature of the heater and grill will always be "Safe to Touch".

Having the "Safe to Touch" technology creates so many more advantages for outdoor heating:

  • The heater can be so much closer to you, so much less energy needs to be consumed, making it the most energy efficient and cost effective option on the outdoor heating market
  • You no longer have to throw the heat several meters from a wall, overhead or freestanding unit
  • You no longer have to combat against hot air rising
  • No more open flame
  • No more dangerous gas bottles
  • No more trips to the service station to change gas bottles
  1. Efficient heating without waste

Similarly to the sun, the thermal radiant heat radiates only people and objects in its line of sight, such as your legs and hands and not the air. So we are heating your extremities instead of trying to defy gravity of hot air rising from an overhead heater.

Our quartz, shortwave, infrared heat lamps are not effected by wind. A conventional outdoor gas heater for example heats the air around it, but if a cool breeze blows through, it takes the nice warm air with it, leaving you cold until the area heats up again. Where as with our Mensa Heating outdoor heaters, you will stay continuously perfectly warm.

  1. Immediately heat

Mensa Heating’s products warm immediately after you turn them on. There is no annoying wait for the lamp to start warming.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to dine alfresco until the waiter tells they will turn the outdoor heater on for you and you’re left wondering when you’ll be warm and cosy. At this point you're now an ice block and you’ve lost your appetite.

Not only is this annoying but wastes heat, costs money and is not environmentally friendly.

All Mensa Heating products become immediately warm as soon as you press the simple on/off switch on the side. So, no waiting, no wasting heat and we’re all helping to save the environment. Win, win.

  1. No mess and no rattle

No more soot, which occurs from using gas heaters. In addition Mensa Heating is completely noise and odour free.

Quite often conventional gas heaters will leave you with soot and marks on your brand new courtyard and decking that you’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy to get just right.

Other other outdoor heating options leave an odour of gas or a burning smell, not ideal for dining, ambiance or your health. Our Mensa Heating products put these annoyances aside as they’re completely odourless, so your only concern will be how long you stay up with your friends on your Friday night. 

  1. Flexible and easy to use

Mensa Heating’s products are made of lightweight materials, which ensures that the products can be used almost anywhere. They’re easy to manoeuvre, so much less chance of marks and scratches to your outdoor space also.

Heating for your camping or caravan trip? You’ve driven for hours to your camping destination, packed everything but the kitchen sink in your car. Your partner insists on bringing a gas heater for those chilly evenings. Your partner has it set up nearby to keep warm, but no the sun is setting and she now needs it moved to a specific place. You go to move it but it’s a nightmare on the uneven camping ground, its rattling around and causing a lot of mess. Before you know it, the sunset has gone, the romantic moment you had planned has vanished.

Luckily for you, our Mensa heating products are manufactured from lightweight materials making them a breeze to move around wherever you wish. They also have a simple on/off button function so if you go inside for a moment they can be easily switched off and turned back on upon return.

  1. Environmentally friendly

The heat from Mensa Heating is based on infrared quartz short wave, which is the most environmentally friendly solution for outdoor use. The result is a reduction in CO2 emission by more than 89%, compared with conventional gas heaters.

Environmental issues are something we can all focus more on to collectively look after our planet. From the cars we drive, the amount of waste we produce, to choosing products that have lower emissions.

Our designers over in Denmark wanted to produce great products that were environmentally friendly but strong and reliable at the same time.

Did you know Vireoo is Latin for ‘I am green’. Coincidence? No because the Vireoo truly is the most eco-friendly outdoor heater on the market.  For example, the Vireoo’s heat source is placed to optimize the body’s natural heating system.

The heat from Mensa Heating products is based on infrared quartz short wave and is the most environmentally friendly solution for heating, so you can feel warm and cosy knowing you're doing your bit for the environment.

  1. Danish design

The famous Danish designer and architect, Mikael Mammen, is the man behind Mensa Heating’s products and all the technological developments are engineered in Denmark.

Aside from his work with Mensa Heating of course, Mikael Mammen is well known for his work at the Hotel Opus. Born in Denmark, he has replaced his East Jutland residence with a rustic apartment overlooking beautiful, Lake Como, in Italy.

In recent years, Danish designers have set the pace for furniture and lighting design. Mikael follows on from well known Danes, Arne Jacobsen, who produced the classic designs, the Egg and Swan chairs, which are still popular today. Whilst Hans Wegner, is a world renowned furniture designer whose approach was ecologically friendly, combining the old with the new in order to show them in the original forms of construction.

  1. High quality

Mensa Heating’s products are engineered in Denmark with a focus on high quality which is reflected by the life span of the bulb of 5,000 to 7,000 hours of normal use.

Imagine you’ve researched high and low for the perfect outdoor heater for your home, event, or venue, only to find that towards the end of the night it’s losing its warmth and you are sitting there freezing wondering why you purchased something that doesn’t last.  

Not with our Mensa Heating products. Engineered in Denmark, the Scandinavian values stand strong and Denmark is commonly known to be a country that prides itself on its values, and one of these values is a strong sense of mutual trust. By investing in one of our products you know you're getting a product of high quality, reliability and will stand the test of time.

  1. Robust for outdoor use

All Mensa Heating’s products are strong, robust and resilient to the occasional fall. They offer water resistance for outdoor use to IP44 Waterproof Standards.

Further to your Mensa Heating product being lightweight to move around with ease, they’re ideal to be used on your balcony, for outdoor functions, your venue and in your courtyard on those chilly evenings sipping wine with friends.

The famous Danish designer, Mikael Mammen had reliability in mind as these are made with strong materials and resilient to the occasional fail should you have a friend whose had too many glasses of wine bump into it.