Safe To Touch Outdoor Heating?!

Safe To Touch Outdoor Heating?!

What? How? Why? But it's a heater, how can this be?

Mensa Heating's patent pending "Safe to Touch" outdoor heaters are a world first and unique to Mensa Heating. The entire surface area of the complete Mensa Heating range; Imus under table heater, Vireoo low table heater and Statio high table heater, have a low surface temperature. Which means anyone, including children, pets, elderly, disabled, or your irresponsible drunk friend can touch any part of the heater and not get burnt.

We don't encourage children to touch them, because we don't want them thinking ALL outdoor heaters are "Safe to Touch", but it's a great safety feature that means they won't burn themselves if they are unsupervised.

The technology is so smart that it doesn't compromise the perfect warmth you feel free from the heater. If you leave your hand on the grill for some time, the lamp will eventually warm it, but the surface temperature of the heater and grill will always be "Safe to Touch".

Having the "Safe to Touch" technology creates so many more advantages for outdoor heating:

  • The heater can be so much closer to you, so much less energy needs to be consumed, making it the most energy efficient and cost effective option on the outdoor heating market
  • You no longer have to throw the heat several meters from a wall, overhead or freestanding unit
  • You no longer have to combat against hot air rising
  • No more open flame
  • No more dangerous gas bottles
  • No more trips to the service station to change gas bottles

Still don't believe it? Please find the nearest stockist or display center using our store locator here and try for yourself.

Mensa Heating Safe to Touch


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