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Statio ULG
Statio ULG
Statio ULG
Statio ULG

Statio ULG

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***Table top not included***

Infrared Heater Table

Power Consumption: 700W
Power Source AC: 230V AC~50 HZ
Height: 110cm
Protection Class: IP44
Lamp Type: Infrared Quartz Shortwave
Lamp Life Cycle: 5,000 to 7,000 hours of use
Grill: Patent Pending "Safe to Touch"

Statio is a high table with integrated heat, designed for restaurants, bars and cafes. The table is developed to heat outside standing spaces.

Our heaters are the only one of its kind to have SAFE TOUCH, and thereby we see MENSA HEATING's products as the safest outdoor heaters in the world!
With its unique patent pending technology MENSA HEATING is able to provide products with SAFE TOUCH, which allows you to touch the heaters at all times. Thanks to Danish engineering, we have managed to invent this unique function, which has been carried out to all our models.
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